We expect this to be a magnet for attracting new investment, creating high-wage jobs and spotlighting the groundbreaking work of programs in photonics, optics, and engineering.

Viviana Janer, Chairwoman Osceola County, FL Board of Commissioners


Blue skies, green grass and a district that is master-planned for 8 million square feet, NeoCity presents the opportunity to realize a bold vision for the future on a nearly blank canvas. Three key buildings have already come to life in the development: the OC, Center for Neovation and the NeoCity Academy.

Since breaking ground in 2016, Osceola County has been propelling the development and growth of the 500-acre site. NeoCity is located within an Opportunity Zone established by the Federal Government to encourage long-term investment and job creation in targeted communities by reducing taxes for job creators.

At the Center for Neovation, the acclaimed founding NeoCity sensor R&D and manufacturing facility, more than $44 million in high-tech manufacturing machinery and equipment (MM&E) is already in place. In collaboration with University of Central Florida (UCF) and Florida’s elected leadership, Osceola County is investing in our people, our schools and our economy through NeoCity – a unique public-private partnership that is a catalyst for regional economic development.