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NeoCity is strategically located in Osceola County, situated just south of Orlando, with access to major universities, and neighboring America’s one-of-a-kind Spaceport/Seaport/Airport/Rail hub. Osceola County is the 3rd fastest growing County in the nation and fastest growing in Florida. NeoCity is poised to serve as catalyst for high-tech innovation and creation, including jobs and capital investment. It is generating marketplace momentum, as well as a dramatic shift the design and development of this nation’s approach to the advancement of research, development and commercialization hubs – all within the boundaries of locally-planned communities.

Spanning 500 acres of prime real estate, NeoCity boasts exceptional accessibility, providing convenient access to international air travel and robust connections to major highway networks, regional and commuter rail systems, as well as local mobility services. The location is a mere 20-minute drive from the Orlando International Airport, and less than a mile from the Florida Turnpike, with the Kissimmee Gateway Airport and the downtown Kissimmee SunRail commuter line station situated in close proximity.